Our general dentistry services include dental implants, and we can restore existing dental implants that may be failing. Our staff will take the time to explain to you the condition of your dental health, they will provide options for treatment, and explain why they think those are the best choices. Proactive care is always our priority, and we work with our patients to provide them with the best methods for caring for their dental health.

We also offer a full range of dental treatments from fillings and crowns to teeth whitening and teeth restoration options. Through our periodontics treatment options, we can help people with periodontal disease to manage the health of their gums to prevent tooth loss and reduce pockets and infection in the gums.

Albert G. Leung DDS Inc also provides pediatric dentistry services. Our kids dentist is trained to work with children and to address developmental issues with the teeth. This is instrumental not only to develop lifelong dental hygiene routines but also to monitor how adult teeth are developing. We also have an orthodontist on staff who can work with teens through to adults to straighten their teeth and build a beautiful smile.

For people in or close to the Claremont and San Diego, CA areas, Albert G. Leung DDS Inc is a welcoming, friendly and patient-focused family dentistry.

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If you have any questions about any of the services we provide please don’t hesitate to contact us at 858-279-2122.